Roosevelt Park Ministries

A passion for helping families is a common trait shared by the CDV5 Foundation and Roosevelt Park Ministries (RPM), who both believe that strong families provide a solid foundation for each member to grow and thrive in the community.

RPM’s Christ-centered, holistic family programming is designed to meet the needs of every family in their neighborhood and surrounding communities, with most of the services being offered in both English and Spanish. Families can participate in health and nutrition classes, Bible studies, English or Spanish as a second language classes, and a financial literacy class. RPM’s staff of family workers provide free translation services and assistance with filling out official forms or applications, such as passport applications, immigration papers, insurance, and tax forms. Their job referral service helps families find steady sources of income through resume preparation, job postings and applications, and an on-site job fair hosted three times per year.

Pailalen, a 9-week parenting class, is designed to provide skills for parents to bring peace into their families’ lives, and ultimately to the community. Parents learn ways to improve communication with children, foster a sense of cultural pride, and techniques to help prevent drug use and gang involvement.

For over 20 years, RPM has continued to address the needs of families through strong programming and services in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood, helping families thrive and grow together.